A Few Things to Consider Before We Begin

We look forward to receiving your manuscript and want to make every effort to assure your work is reproduced as quickly and exactly as you wrote it. Please be sure to adhere to our guidelines so we can achieve an accurate representation. If for any reason you cannot meet our requirements we will work with you as best we can. Let us know if you have any difficulty in preparing your manuscript.


Once we open your file and begin formatting it for an Ebook and/or a soft-cover printed book, your work as a writer has ended and our work begins. You will be expected to pay for any changes or corrections in your manuscript that need to be made after it has been submitted to us.

Currently we are accepting only MS Word files (.doc and .docx). We prefer that you combine all of your documents in one file to prevent any chance of any of your book’s information being misplaced or misdirected. The file name should include your book title as well as the title registration number assigned to you when you registered your book with us.

Organize your information in the order in which it will appear in your book.

The Story – Chapter 1, etc. This is the only item that is actually required now. If you think it necessary you can add any one or all of the above sections at a later time. It is, after all, your book. Just be sure to clearly identify each section and your title number when submitting additional copy. You don’t even need to maintain the suggested order. Just remember, the Prologue and Epilogue, if you include them, pretty much needs to go before and after the story.

The Epilogue –

We will include an author signing page as the first page, a title page as the third page (the second page is always left blank), the fourth page is the publisher’s page with your copyright, ISBN, and other information you don’t need to worry about. Now, we will put the Dedication and/or the Acknowledgments – your choice. Once the pieces are all assembled, changing what goes where is simple.

Some Instructional Books and How-To Books can be problematic when it comes to inserts, sidebars, tables, etc. That’s why we may charge a little more to format them. Make it as simple as you can and we’ll keep your cost down. For these types of publications, format your text accordingly or send us a map and we’ll work with you.

Non-Fiction often brings with it another set of problems – the dreaded footnotes. Just remember eBooks don’t play well with footnotes. If you plan to have your book made into an ebook, you must prepare end notes.

Selecting fonts, point sizes, line spacing, page numbers, headers, and footers: If you are technically savvy, let us know what font, what sizes, and the rest of the above and we’ll prepare your formatting accordingly. If, on the other hand, you are not a book designer/formatter, allow us to prepare a sample layout of your book as we, the professional publishing experts, feel your work would be best represented—just a thought. Seriously, we can prepare your pages in a highly professional manner for your consideration or you can download our formatting samples and pick the style you prefer. Again, and after all, it is your book.

Inserting photos, drawings, and/or charts: Typically novels and works of fiction do not have photos or illustrations to contend with. But, when they do, we are glad to accommodate them. There may be small additional charges for handling such things. See our pricing schedule. Please keep in mind that most eBook formats do not provide for digital inserts such as photos or illustrations. This is due to the reader being able to change the font size when using their Kindle, Nook, or most other E-readers. The digital market represents an enormous segment of book sales today. You may want to eliminate inserts in the interior of your book. Many How-To and instructional books are not usually produced as eBooks as they often require technical drawings, photographs, and illustrations.

For those of you who write inspirational, religious, and/or works of a biblical nature, please use appropriate references when quoting. See our guidelines for using Biblical references.

Poetry books represent a specific set of problems as line lengths are often part of the poetry style. Send us your manuscript and we can provide a special quote.

And, for those who venture into the dark side, we reserve the right to reject your manuscript if our advisory board determines it is inappropriate socially or politically. We don’t want no trouble. We acknowledge your rights and your freedoms as well as those of your readers. We welcome Christian and other religious genres as well as secular works. We want everyone to play nice. We are not against horror or mysteries, and didn’t intend to include those with the use of the word dark side.

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