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The Story of Katie is a fictional recounting of a waif of seven years old, who survived the massacre of Bad Axe in 1832. Her chief was Black Hawk who was captured in that battle and sent to the reservation along with others of his tribe. Katie was whisked away by her sister who soon abandoned her. Ashuwheteau, another Indian survivor, befriended her. Although wounded himself he was able to help her make it to the cabin of Mr. Thomas Jordan who took them both in. Just when Katie thinks she has made a new home her troubles only begin—within a year she loses one of her new found brothers and her father.

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Sandra Lee Cleary has woven the story of Katie from tracing her own ancestry, having discovered her mother had an affair with a man by the name of Bud Wyburn and that from that union there was a child. The papers stated the child was born on her same birthdate. It took almost seven years and many letters and meetings with newfound relatives. She learned Bud Wyburn was not her father, he was the great grandson of Katie. Through all her research Sandra uncovered the life of Kate Eberle and was inspired  to be her voice and tell her story.  Quote: “I do hope I’ve done her justice. I still feel a kinship with her even though I’m not related. I tried to stay with what Katie said during her interview with a journalist. Of course, a lot about Katie’s life had to be created as best I could. I’d like to think the way I’ve portrayed it, it could have happened.”

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