Trestle Over No Name Creek – Book Three


Book Three starts with a Saturday morning. The Meanderthallers are gathered in their back booth office as usual, with Melvin in charge ʼcause Mary Clare is missing―very unusual. Dad Matt shows up to ask the gang for help finding Mom Jim and Wags. That makes three missing. Hang on as one little word in the will Frank left (Book One) turns into a humongous change in Mary Clare’s and the gang’s lives. They find out how hard―impossible―it is to K.I.S.S. (keep it shut, sugar) about a secret. Franco, a member of Frank’s family, shows up, becomes a new grown-up friend, and treats the gang plus families to a brunch where Melvin finds a door marked PRIVATE DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Is it the Al Capone escape tunnel? Johnnie T and his Pop invade the brunch just after an attack on Franco. The end of the school year is weeks away. I bet you can't solve all the mysteries before vacation. Have fun trying!

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