Trestle Over No Name Creek – Book Two


Trestle – Book Two starts with a bang—well, really—a crash. Meanderthaller friend, Johnnie T crashes a gang picnic under the trestle in a surprise return from Texas and lands a bad busted arm in his fall. Doc Bucky and other grown-ups to his rescue. Their first “old” friend, Frank, is dead and gone, but his no-count giving and goldstone heart awards continue. With earning a goldstone heart award in mind, the Meanderthallers volunteer to help Frank’s friend, ol’ Mose, with yard and garden work. Little C becomes friends with Koishka, his old reprobate of a cat, and ol’ Mose’ becomes their new/old friend. Melvin, the Kansas City import member of the gang, discovers a treasure in ol’ Mose’s new/old garage. An EJ decision saves him and Mary Clare when the Clown in Camo (almost hit by the high schoolers on the teeter-totter cart) appears. He is for real. He is scary. The Meanderthallers and grown-up friends are there when the CamoClown, Johnnie T and Ronnie B crash—er—collide. Learning how junior high schooler survived life in a l960’s small town will challenge readers. Those who lived through it will nod and wonder. Kids of all ages will read and ask the same question: How did they do it?

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