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The Adventures of Toby and Dr. David


Weather permitting, a rescue dog named Toby accompanies Dr. David Behrends
of the Blanco Veterinary Clinic on every farm call made every day, day or night.
Along the way, Toby has made friendships and acquaintances with
lots of animals in the area every one of whom has its own personality.
This is Toby’s Story.

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The Blanco Veterinary Clinic is located in Blanco, a small town in
the Texas Hill Country smack dab in the middle between Austin and
San Antonio. A visitor to Blanco might feel as though he has traveled
a hundred years back in time, back to the hot and dusty roads and
streets of the old west, back to the tough times that called for strong
and courageous people and animals.

The Veterinary Clinic is owned and operated by Dr David Behrends,
known to his clients and patients alike as, Dr. David. The doctor’s
clientele includes most every rancher and pet owner inhabiting the
township and immediate outskirts of Blanco. His clinic serves all
animals in the area whether they be wild, rescued or owned outright.
And that animal population is some population indeed. It encompasses,
every domesticated, wild, and/or exotic critter, bird and beast
indigenous or otherwise imported to the South Texas ranch land. The
Doctor and his clinic are very unique in this respect. The knowledge
and capabilities applied and practiced extend far beyond those of
most American vet clinics.

If you want to know the idiosyncrasies of every breed of cow in
the area, just ask Dr. David. Better yet, if you want to learn how to
handle an ostrich or a rhino, go on a farm call with him. Should you be
interested in the distance he’ll go to save the life of a rescue, come
observe him in his operating room at the clinic. If you just want to
meet all of his animal friends along with some of the more eccentric
Blanco locals, heed his booming South Texas call of “Ya’ller welcome”
and stop in for a visit.

The animal stories from the Blanco Vet Clinic are told by Dr. David’s
Labrador Retriever, Toby. Toby, a rescue dog himself, begins the series
with his own story and account of the perils he faced and endured
along the path he traveled to find his “forever” home with the doctor.
Toby is a permanent fixture at the Blanco Vet Clinic along with the
counter cat, Peetie. Weather permitting, Toby accompanies Dr. David
on every farm call made weekday or weekend, day or night.
Along the way, Toby has made friendships and acquaintances with
lots of animals every one of whom has its own tale of handling, rescue
and treatment by Dr. David. Most owe Dr. David their life

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