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Jesse Fayette, assistant keeper at the Umpqua River Lighthouse, finds himself
alone to operate and maintain an Oregon lighthouse after the accidental death of
his head keeper. After notifying the Lighthouse Board and requesting help, he is
surprised, but must deal with, an old acquaintance, Red Saunders, when he shows
up for the job. Jesse soon discovers Red has an attitude, no experience, and believes
the lighthouse is haunted when an item dear to him goes missing. Throughout this
1875 story, Jesse and his family must deal with grief resulting from the loss of their
friend. Meanwhile, a terrible accident in the lighthouse severely affects the lives of
Red and his wife, and they are challenged by actions of her father and mother. Will
Jesse succeed in teaching Red his keeper duties? Will he be able to help Red with
his personal problems? And will Jesse’s family find any solution to help with their
grief, and can they right a wrong?

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Nancy Williamson, Cibolo, Texas:
This book was so interesting and enjoyable that I read it through twice. I could relate to and enjoyed every character. The transition from the end of “The Wickie” to the beginning of “Spirit of The Lighthouse” flowed as seamlessly as turning the page to the next chapter.

Judy Kagrise, Cincinnati, Ohio:
The dialogue in this book made the characters very believable, and they acted as you’d expect for the period. I liked every character but especially the small boy. It was very interesting to learn how busy lighthouse keepers were in the 1800’s to operate and maintain a lighthouse. A powerful ending.

Gaylyn Bradley, Lihue, Hawaii:
The story held my interest from beginning to end of the book. Characters and their lives sounded so natural, and their challenges believable. This is an interesting and enjoyable read.

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