Franklin Scribes’ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When I started Franklin Scribes it was with the desire to help other writers like myself get their work published. Like many, my submitted manuscript had been rejected by literary agents and traditional publishing companies yet I believed in my book; I believed it had value. I self-published. There are numerous companies out there who offer the same services we do. Most are reputable and fully capable of doing a good job on your book, some aren’t. Many are more costly, some are less. Many authors are happy with their final self-published book, some aren’t. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your book or you won’t be charged a dime, no other self-publishing company I know will make that statement.

That is why at Franklin Scribes we say, “We ain’t got no unhappy customers.” Although grammatically incorrect, we make this statement with pride.

You will not be charged until you are 100% satisfied with your cover design and your book layout.

We don’t even ask for a deposit before we begin work on your cover. Our competitors ask for a deposit, some ask for payment in full. Most deposits are non-refundable. Not until you are happy and sign-off on your book design and layout do we submit your credit card for payment. Please understand we do reserve the right to call it quits; after all some people just can’t be pleased. If it comes to that, we’ll bow out and leave you, your credit card, and your book to look elsewhere. But, we guarantee you won’t become an unhappy customer.

After reviewing your completed cover questionnaire, we’ll initially submit two original cover designs for you to inspect and consider. One of our designers will work directly with you, making up to three separate revisions. Once you’ve approved the final design of your book’s front cover and provided pictures and content, we will complete the design of the back and spine of your book, including bar code, ISBN number, etc. Again, we’ll request your approval of the back cover and spine layout.

If you are not completely happy with your cover design after three revisions, our designer will offer to continue additional revisions at $50 per alteration. If you don’t think it is worth the additional cost, then we’ll call it quits and even refund the $1 verification charge that was initially made to your credit card.

When do we call it quits?

We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with each of our authors. No sense starting out on the wrong foot. We require our designers to consider carefully your book’s profile, your input, and to be as creative and professionally critical as they are capable to produce their best effort. Our challenge is to make you happy; their challenge is to keep their job. Seriously, we do offer them an incentive to assure they do their best in not only the quality of their work but in keeping  you, our customer as well as theirs, happy.

Remember – only after you’ve approved the final design of your book’s cover as well as the interior pages layout will you be charged. You then own 100% of the rights to everything we’ve created for you. At your request, we will forward a copy of the files to you and you will have unlimited use of your design for other projects related to the production and marketing of your book.