The Rules of the Road

I hope you have already read our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee.” Now we want to share with you our “Writer-Friendly and Lawyer-Free Contract.” In order to keep from having any miscommunication, confusion, or lack of understanding, we wrote the following contract without an attorney present or paid. However, if you feel you want to have your attorney look it over, be our guest. While, like you, we are writers and enjoy the written word, we set out to make our contract with you brief, fair, and easily understood.

Writer-Friendly and Lawyer-Free Contract

We, Franklin Scribes Publishers, pledge to treat your manuscript with utmost care and confidentiality. Throughout our association with you, you will remain the owner of your work and all rights associated with it. Once Franklin Scribes has received payment in full for all the work you have authorized and approved, you will also have full ownership and rights to all artwork, photographic images, and electronic files created by us to facilitate the publishing of your book. If at any time and for any reason you choose to have our publishing rights revoked and you choose to represent yourself or select another publisher to represent you and your project, we will relinquish all materials which we created and for which we have been fully compensated as well as all materials which you may have supplied to facilitate the publishing of your work. You will need to secure another ISBN number for your work from another source and re-establish distribution relations with book retailers. At your written request we will remove your work from our distribution network and will cease to collect royalties from your sales. Until such time any net royalties received from your work will be forwarded to you in a timely manner.

We will provide you in writing, either by mail or email, a complete detailed description of all the work we will undertake on your behalf to produce, publish your work, and make it available through outlined sales media and outlets for sale. We will also list the associated fees which accompany the specific tasks we will undertake on your behalf. Once we have a signed agreement from you approving the associated fees and authorizing the work, we will begin the work and complete it in a professional and timely manner. We will provide estimated dates of completion for each specific area of work. Once the work has been completed and approved by you, your payment for that part of your project will be processed. As our 100% Guarantee stipulates, you will not be charged for services until they are approved by you.

There are four areas for which you will be charged and expected to pay in full before your book is available for printing.

  1. The approved completed design of your book’s cover, both front, back, and spine;
  2. The approved completed formatting file of all interior pages of your book;
  3. The approved completed proof of your book ready for publication and distribution;
  4. And finally, payment of all fees outlined and approved by you for cataloging, securing specially created art and/or photography, uploading of electronic files, and sales distribution.

While you will not be charged for any work not approved by you, you will not have access to any artwork, electronic files, or intellectual property which we provided until that portion of the work has been paid in full.

The quote form and comprehensive work outline at the link below gathers your book specifics that we need in order to deliver and prepare a contract based on your quote. If you prefer, you may print the form, fill it out, scan and email it back to us.

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