Well, here I am. My website is near completion after three years and three and a half web designers. I haven’t fed any search engines yet so I doubt many of you will find this until it has gathered a little dust here in cyberspace. I did manage to publish twelve books over that time and write two of my own. Currently I am working on three more writing projects and two publishing projects. This whole adventure started because I couldn’t find a “traditional” publisher for my first book. I joined a Christian writers group because I wanted to learn more about writing and publishing. Turns out all I really knew was how to tell a story, not how to write according to the writer’s blogs with people who wanted to sell to me books on writing and downloadable PDFs on style and such.  I found love, understanding, friendly critics and new friends with similar issues in my writers group.

Now I am hoping you will find me and share your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations with me and other like-minded individuals. Please understand I am not trying to sell you anything. I understand my website is designed to solicit manuscripts from people who want to enter the world of self-publishing. But here on this blog I want to freely share ideas and my plans for an alliance, if you will, of independent writers who want to come together and create a marketplace for our manuscripts, not for services to other disillusioned writers. I encourage you to write the best you can and then search with diligence and resolve to find a traditional publisher first, or at the very least find a way to get your book self-published and then find or create a platform for you to reach an interested audience.

My dream now is to put together with you and others like you, an Alliance of Independent Writers who will create and share a marketplace for our books. As a self-publishing company I compete against other self-publishers. As a writer, I compete for readers, not against writers. I envision a chain of independent book stores which specialize in books from independent writers who lack a traditional publisher, an agent, a marketing team, a distributor, a large well-defined platform. Imagine a bookstore which features shelves of our books. Only our books; not those from the big publishing houses but books we proudly wrote, self-published, and printed on demand.

Now, your turn. Want to share your thoughts. Got any ideas?