Tribute to Our Founder John Mills

I (Judy) met John Floyd Mills at the Christian Writer’s Group in Universal City. I was a newbie there; John had attended for several years. I quickly felt a kinship with John. He had a way of drawing people to him with his warm and humorous sarcasm. Not long after our friendship developed, John started greeting me with “When are you planning to do something with your hair?” My usual response was “When do you plan to see an optometrist?”

John’s heart was too big for his chest. Perhaps that’s why he died way before he should have. He gave people more than he received. No one who knew John could out give him. He started Franklin Scribes to help fledgling authors like himself. He kept his prices low, so low that many times he paid out of his own account to cover publishing costs.

I (Sandra) also met John Floyd Mills at the Christian Writers Group in Universal City probably ten years ago. At least it seems like ten years, or shall I say, I feel like I’ve known him forever. He always reminded me of that boy in class who liked to tease you, or make you laugh, and then you got in trouble for laughing. But, then, John was there if someone picked on you; he put them in their place.

I’m thankful for John’s heart to help others with their “babies” (writings). He knew how it felt when he presented his “baby” for publication only to be rejected. John offered struggling authors an avenue to publish their books/novels. He helped them every step of the way. Start to finish.

When John passed, we decided to keep John’s dream alive. Our hope is to honor John’s memory by helping new authors to find their voice in this crazy world of writing as we lovingly encourage them to publication.

John Floyd Mills

My Struggle to Get Published

For nearly three years I struggled trying to get the attention of a reputable literary agent and short of that tried unsuccessfully to sneak in the back door of a number of traditional publishing houses with my submissions and often unanswered query letters. I lost both my patience and over $3,000 spent attending writing conferences and workshops – assured I would meet with friendly and sympathetic agents who would give me and my book the attention I thought it deserved.

Does any of this sound familiar? Read on; you’ve come to the right place. My patience exhausted, my funds running low, and my desire to being published running high, I self-published.

Self-publishing wasn’t a giant leap for me; I had thirty years of experience in graphics design and production. A quick connect with CreateSpace and my book was on Amazon’s shelf before you could say, “Bob’s your uncle!” It was a fairly easy, painless, and cost-effective process – if you have thirty years of experience in the industry and are prepared to research and do it all yourself.

Over two years ago, I finished the sequel to my first novel and found several writers that had finished manuscripts but lacked an interested publisher. The rest, they say, is history. I spent all of 2013 self-publishing a handful of books. Check out our author’s pages. BTW: Don’t schedule your book signing parties, interviews, or book launches until your books are off the presses and in your hands.

I’ve researched the industry; learned the ins and outs of print-on-demand and e-books. There are a plethora of self-publishing companies out there for you to choose from. Don’t you just love that word, plethora? Us writers like to show off our knowledge of the English language, don’t we? Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out the competition; we want your business—while many of our competitors just seem to want access to your credit card. I want to help you see your dream come true. You worked long and hard on your manuscript; you deserve the same diligence taken on the publishing of your book.

I’ve put together a team of award-winning designers, and professional formatters that are eager to help you fulfill your dream, not just fill their pockets. By the way, we don’t have any telephone sales staff who will be bothering you. And you won’t be getting any “24 hour sales specials”. Check out our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You won’t find anything like it on our competitor’s sites.

Compare our services, our fees, and our results. Let’s get to know each other. It costs nothing to look. You’ve come to the right place.