The Alliance of Independent Writers will be for those writers who have an entertaining story, socially interesting or educating information to share. We will be writers with values and goals.

I ‘m not against making a living, even a good living, with our craft. But, I am not looking for content without value. There are those “professional” writers who create content to sell us wannabe successful writers. The “professional” writers I am referring to are those who are market-savvy and lure us to buy or subscribe to their services so that we can become successful like them, the so-called one-percenters.  These are people, businesses, companies who “Farm the Farmers,” selling the wannabe best sellers the tricks of the trade. These people want you to buy their instant success knowledge, knowing from experience you likely don’t possess the stamina or the self-discipline, to actually do the work to become successful like them.  In most cases they aren’t successful writers of stories, but successful writers of get-rich-quick books and instructional manuals on how to sell more not how to write better.  Their magic beans will produce a giant bean stalk leading to a giant—with a goose that lays the golden egg.  It’s up to you but we won’t be selling magic beans. We’ll be providing books written by writers, who want to entertain, educate and share their content for your pleasure; no smoke and mirrors or promises of instant guaranteed success.

When it comes to learning the ropes, that information is out there for the taking. What you do with that information is up to you.  You can buy the magic beans, plant and tend your garden, and if you go by the book and fertilize, water enough at just the right time, and if the world smiles on you and welcomes you with open arms,  you will enjoy a bountiful harvest.

The following copy comes directly from a site that I feel farms us writers:

In short, the key to making it in this business is to be a 1 percenter. You have to be sure that you are more creative and more committed to marketing your projects than 99 percent of writers are. If you aren’t, don’t expect to have any true best-sellers and make money at this game. I know that I am a 1 percenter. How about you?

Another quote from one of my favorite authors who writes about the business of marketing and writing:

“Are you publishing this book to make a living? Good luck with that. Less than 3% of newly published authors make enough in royalties and advances to be happy to live on.”
— Seth Godin

Our goal with the Writer’s Alliance is to help you make sure your fruit is good, nourishing and tasteful. Let me know your thoughts.