Prelude To Designing Your Cover:

If you’ve written a great novel, super self-help advice, a rich family memoir, a colorful historic account, inspirational or suspenseful, religious in nature or secular — we want to help you turn your writing into a great book!

But, first things first.  One of the most important aspects of your book is its title. This is the one word or phrase with which your book will always be known. It is the first thing a reader will notice unless this is your fifth or sixth book and your last three were made into a movie trilogy. In which case, we’ll just put your name on the cover in big, bold type and let your fame precede you. NOT THE CASE?  Then, please continue on.

If your work is nonfiction, the reader should immediately be able to identify what they will gain by reading your book. If it is fiction, it should pique their interest and an illuminating and thought-provoking tag line should motivate the reader to click on “BUY NOW” or at the very least, check out the book’s description.

After your manuscript is complete and edited, revisit the title of your book and consider its effectiveness. Try it out on a focus group of peers, professionals, family, and friends.  Check Amazon to see how many other books have the same or similar title. Naming your book is the most important and least costly part of the entire publishing process.

Cover Design

What you’ve written is truly unique and you have every right to expect your book’s cover to be unique as well. Our designers take the time to carefully read your responses in your design questionnaire and your book’s synopsis. We set a standard with our Comprehensive Consulting Services – every aspect of your book’s production is our best effort. We don’t cut corners.

PHASE 1 – Cover Elements

If you have a specific image you wish to use in your cover’s design, submit it as a jpeg and our designers will incorporate it into your cover. Be sure you own the rights for that image to be used on your book’s cover as well as on any marketing materials which may be produced to promote it. (Leaving the cover design totally to the discretion of FSPC will increase the cost.)

Once you’ve approved the final design of your book’s front cover, you will then submit your book’s synopsis text and /or highlights or reviews for the back cover, along with a jpeg image of yourself. With our additions of the bar code, ISBN number, and other required information, your cover design will be complete. You will be asked for your approval of the back cover and spine layout as well. Feel free to suggest revisions; after all, it is your book.

Only after you’ve approved the final design of your book’s complete cover will you be charged for Phase 1.

Book Interior

PHASE 2 – Interior Format/Set up of distributor accounts

Next we will email you a pdf of draft 1 of the interior layout. Once we’ve settled on a layout and the interior has been formatted, we will calculate the actual production cost for your book based on its physical size and actual number of pages, and help you determine your book’s suggested retail price.

Only after you’ve approved the final interior formatting will you be charged for Phase 2.

Phase 3 – Final Proof

We  will order an initial paperback proof ($35.00) to be delivered to your door. The charge for each additional proof copy for Beta Readers is $10.00.

Now, your book is ready to be uploaded to the distributors.