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    Franklin Scribes will design your book’s cover and prepare finished art and electronic file for complete cover: front, spine, and back cover. You may purchase your books as few as one or as many as you like. The actual cost of your book will be determined after your book’s page count and trimmed size has been determined.

    *Paperback design is required in order to have a Hardback design
  • Price: $200.00
    Format pages for interior of book, to include: - Title page for author’s signature with publisher’s mark - Copyright page - Dedication / Acknowledgements / Author’s Note (author’s choice) - Introduction / Prologue (author’s choice) - Table of Contents - Interior Content - Epilogue / Reviews - Up to 300 pages - Up to 5 photographs and/or images
  • Other Costs

    • Additional pages over 300:  $12.50 / 25pgs
    • Additional photographs and/or images  $ 10.00 / image
    • Printer's proof perfectbound copy of completed book  $35.00 (optional)
    • Custom URL to author’s web page with book image, description, and “BUY NOW” button  No charge*
    • ISBN:  $25.00
    • Secure Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN)  $25.00
    • Create eBook format and Enroll in Kindle Direct program $90.00 (requires 90 day exclusivity-optional).

    Changes and Corrections

    Any corrections and/or changes required by you will be billed at $45/hr. We, of course, will facilitate any and all necessary changes/corrections which were caused by an error or oversight on our part at no cost. When work is required to fix both errors on our part and yours, we will carefully monitor and bill for only the time required to make corrections and changes to your errors and/or changes.
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