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Don’t leave the writing of the most important words in, on, or about your book to the staff at your publisher. Especially if they’re going to charge you for it! If you’re a professional writer, or you want to be a successful writer, start with these seven tasks. These areas are every bit as important […]

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing write.

We independent, self-publishing, print-on-demand, wannabe famous writers want to play with the big boys but, unfortunately, we have a whole troop of monkeys on our back. If you’re just coming out with your first book there are many critical eyes focused on your work. That’s assuming anybody at all is watching. Traditional publishers, traditionally-published writers, […]

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Farming the farmers…

The Alliance of Independent Writers will be for those writers who have an entertaining story, socially interesting or educating information to share. We will be writers with values and goals.

I ‘m not against making a living, even a good living, with our craft. But, I am not looking for content without value. There are those […]

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My first blog; a penny for your thoughts.

Well, here I am. My website is near completion after three years and three and a half web designers. I haven’t fed any search engines yet so I doubt many of you will find this until it has gathered a little dust here in cyberspace. I did manage to publish twelve books over that time […]

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