Alfred W. Bates


Alfred W. Bates retired from the United States Army as Chief Warrant Officer, CWO4, and also from Federal Civil Service. During his service, he wrote many documents to include operating procedures and assisted in authoring local logistical regulations. After retirement, he worked as a tour guide for two summers in the Umpqua River Lighthouse at Winchester Bay, Oregon, where he gained valuable knowledge of this lighthouse and its history. His work there provided him inspiration and imagination to write this fictional novel, Spirit of The Lighthouse, which is a sequel to his previous book, The Wickie.

Alfred resides in San Antonio, TX, and since 2011 has also written a blog, which features the more than three hundred lighthouses he has visited throughout the U.S. and three Provinces in Canada. His blog is: During the past ten years, he also authored numerous seasonal short stories which are published and distributed throughout the U.S.


Published Books

Jesse Fayette, assistant keeper at the Umpqua River Lighthouse, finds himself alone to operate and maintain an Oregon lighthouse after the accidental death of his head keeper. After notifying the Lighthouse Board and requesting help, he is surprised, but must deal with, an old acquaintance, Rusty Saunders, when he shows up for the job. Jesse soon discovers Rusty has an attitude, no experience, and believes the lighthouse is haunted when an item dear to him goes missing. Throughout this 1875 story, Jesse and his family must deal with grief resulting from the loss of their friend. Meanwhile, a terrible accident in the lighthouse severely affects the lives of Rusty and his wife, and they are challenged by actions of her parents. Will Jesse succeed in teaching Rusty his keeper duties? Will he be able to help Rusty with his personal problems? And will Jesse’s family find any solution to help with their grief, and can they right a wrong?

Spirit of the Lighthouse